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Team Orange are hosting unique and creative personalized 40 to 60 minute online team building packages designed to motivate and connect colleagues working remotely in fun and meaningful ways.

Teams participating will each receive a “Mystery Box” which will include items required for the activity, instructions with login details and a personal letter from the CEO.

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  • Murder Mystery
  • Min it to Win it
  • Team Quiz
  • Live-Cook
  • Art Class


Event Co-ordination
Hosted by Facilitator
40 - 90 Minutes
Min 10 Participants


The Out of the Box Series is a collection of seriously fun team building activities played online using Zoom as the platform of choice to connect colleagues working remotely.  These creative 40 to 60 minute events are all hosted by professional facilitators who will guide teams throughout the activity and of course make sure that players have a good laugh during their time away from schedules and deadlines.

Each game has a minimum and maximum number of people in order to play.  For larger groups we would set up back to back games in groups based on the maximum number of players.

On request, these Online Team Building activities can be personalised to incorporate your company’s culture, product, and services.

Online Murder Mystery

This is a fun inter-active dress up event that allows guests to lose their inhibitions as they assume a personality role to find out "WHODUNNIT?!" Guests receive a character script and tips of what clues you can reveal or conceal to avoid being sent to prison! Read More...

Online Min it to Win it

Based on the TV show, this “Min it to Win it” includes a series of challenges to be completed by an individual or part of the team within a minute using ordinary household items in an extraordinary way! Patience and accepting guidance is key here! Read More...

Online Team Quiz

From sport and entertainment, to art, literature and current affairs, there is a section for everybody to excel at.  This is a dynamic, fun and entertaining 60 min hosted activity for all to enjoy and connect remotely. Read More...

Online Live-Cook

Cook to connect with your team virtually with this fun inter-active event where you will be cooking along side a Celebrity Chef in real time using the ingredients of the dish delivered to your door. Read More...

Online Art Class

Connect with your team with this fun online art class with all you need delivered to your door! This creative event will be facilitated by a local artist who will guide you step-by-step through creating a featured painting.  Read More...


Team members can easily feel disconnected and demotivated while working remotely, and for this reason attention must be given to how teams communicate and collaborate with each other online WITH FUN!.  Read More...


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