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Get the best shot in the right spot

The Mobile Treasure Hunt is a fun interactive game of discovery and delivery using a live Mobile App where participants are challenged to get to the right spot to take the best shot.

Here each challenge requires a photo or video to be uploaded on the app before you can move on to the next challenge. Participants will need to get creative, use teamwork, good communication, strategy, and solve problems as they complete challenges before the time runs out!

Table Mountain Mobile Treasure Hunt

Get to the top of the world to unravel clues on this thrilling interactive mobile treasure hunt! End this team build with drinks, snacks and sensational views.

Century City Mobile Treasure Hunt

An exciting Mobile Treasure Hunt through the last 350 years of South Africa’s history and the people that helped shape it.

Cape Town Mobile Treasure Hunt

Using a mobile provided with an interactive app, snap a shot in the right spot and come out tops on this super fun 2 hour team build in Cape Town City Centre.

Waterfront Mobile Treasure Hunt

Live tracking and classic challenges make this a team build like no other! And with Table Mountain as your backdrop, you can’t lose!

Aquarium Mobile Treasure Hunt

During this fun team build in Cape Town, teams will take a jaunt through the passageways of the Two Oceans Aquarium using a live mobile app to navigate the way!

Kirstenbosch Mobile Treasure Hunt

Experience a new perspective on the beautiful gardens we know and love with this exciting Mobile Treasure Hunt team building activity.

Stellenbosch Mobile Treasure Hunt

This interactive team building challenge in the “Town of Oaks” offers you a jaunt through the streets of the second oldest town in SA, Stellenbosch.

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The Mobile Treasure Hunt is a fun and interactive game of discovery and delivery at various locations using a live Mobile App.


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